In fact, as a site that carries the slogan ‘Your Family Digital Partner’ is trying its best and as thorough as possible to comply with legal policies in force in Indonesia, especially in Cyber ​​regulations.

In addition to the points above, we also fully understand the service policies governed by Google regarding the publication of content that is free from all forms of copyright abuse and local (Indonesian) legal rules that are complied with by Google that are recommended to us.

However, one thing that we cannot avoid completely is the users of our services. That is why some of the rebuttal points below are understandable.

Some or all of the services available on the website are based on established rules and are valid at

Disclaimer Points

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  • The visitors are willing to make us, including managers, and other parties who have a role in the presence of this service, free from all legal impacts that may occur in the future due to the loading of some content.
  • The visitors agreed to release and not burden and also with the Admin as the person handling all criticism, claims, lawsuits in the realm of copyright or legal cases arising from the content that was already published.
  • Claims related to the use or inclusion of images / photos that are not in accordance with the Terms of Service are entirely the responsibility of visitors who upload, and once again, is free from all claims and claims for the inclusion of these images / photos.